Big Stripey Board – Now with Zebrawood!

Big Stripey Board - Now with Zebrawood!

My latest Big Stripey Board, now featuring Zebrawood. I love what the zebrawood adds, I’ll be doing that again for sure. Species from the outside edges are Purpleheart, Quilted Maple, Walnut, Zebrawood, then Purpleheart again, then Maple in the middle.

The board measures 10" x 15" by 1.25". Usual features include finger grip recesses for easy lifting, and little rubber feet to keep the wood up off the wet counter. Finished with plain old mineral oil for ultimate food safety.

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My workbench

My workbench

Here is the underside of the table top. I routed out a 1/2 inch with grove for the pivot rods to sit in. It is a nice tight fit for the rods. They are secured by two 1/8" x 1.5" steel plates that are screwed to the bottom of the table. It is really over engineered so it won’t fail.

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