The Pentad represents Life..

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    The Pentad represents Life..

    ✪ Five: The Pentad, Pentacle, Pentagon and Pentagram

    The true nature of the Pentagram is to do with the mystery of the greatest gifts on Earth – Life.

    In Science:
    Fivefold geometry governs the human form – a head, two arms and two legs, uniformly called the Quintessence – represented in Leonardo da Vinci’s ’Vitruvian Man’ drawn around 1492 (an anatomically correct nude self portrait of the artist).

    The Five-ness is also found through-out the whole human body; five fingers per hand, five toes etc.

    Much like Life, the Pentad shape can geometrically spawn the same shape within itself.

    Thus the Pentad also represents the propagation of Life with its regenerative shape properties – as the five star shape generates through self-symmetry.

    The Pentad is also the generator of the famous "Fibonacci Sequence" which is a series of numbers that is found in living systems throughout nature, in which the successive number acts like a fractal (a mathematical equation used in scientific microbiology observations).

    In Nature:
    An apple, when cut through its "equator" (with the ends on each side as you cut the center intercepting the seed section) has a perfect Pentagram Star shape inside, with each point containing seed; the Roma refer to apple cores as Stars of Knowledge. Apple seeds have a slight toxicity that kills cancer cells so they are good to eat in moderation.

    In Mysticism:
    The harmonic sound vibration of the meditation mantra word "ohm" is said to create a Pentagram Star (a Pentacle) in water, in the form of a ripple, in direct response to this specific audible frequency.

    The Pentacle’s five points, in the Wicca belief, represent the Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. The Circle around the Pentacle Star represents sacred space, in which the Spirit (considered the fifth element) controls the four Earthly elements.

    The inverted / reverse Pentagram (similar to the upside-down crucifix) gets mixed reviews but is often taboo and a prominent fixture in occultic practices.

    The pentagram is also symbolic of the five points of fellowship in Freemasonry where the pentagram refers to “the law of fives.” This law of fives appears in two different forms of two orders within the Masons.

    In conclusion the Pentagram is perhaps one of the most mysterious and misunderstood numbers and symbols amongst cultures perhaps because it represents the animation of Life.

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