~ Winter is coming ~

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    ~ Winter is coming ~

    I had a mixture of a white walker and a Wiccan in mind, but since you only see warriors in the novels and in the series, this remains entirely up to my imagination.

    I know the title is old and a bit chipped for some but it fit perfectly because it inspired me when I saw Kaorinette’s set for the last round of Epiphany.

    For some it may seem a little late that I’m only now staging the breathtaking set of Curless, but I wanted to get my idea out of my head onto the virtual paper. The appliques from my friend DeadBoyInk helped me with that and a little magical flair of plastic.



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    iPhone 11 Gothic Witch Wicca Moon Sun Ram Skull Cat Pentagram Occult Case

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    Gothic Witch Ram Skull Cat Case For all those who love wiccan symbols, magical, mystical signs, witchcraft, sorcery, magic, the goddess, paganism, ancient, religion, sacred geometry, spells, tattoo, mother earth, runes, flower of life, tree of life .
    A great Way to display your Believes Style and love for witchcraft and paganism.
    Two-part protective case made from a premium scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell and shock absorbent TPU liner protects against drops
    Printed in the USA
    Easy installation

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