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    Tens and EMS UnitTens and EMS Unit

    Massage Therapy Concepts TENS & EMS Device

    This device has both TENS and EMS functions. The EMS functionality is great for Athletes because it improves muscle performance, strength and helps muscles recover and heal quicker. TENS helps to relieve muscle pain and soreness. Perfect as an Occupational and Physical Therapy aide.

    This unit has 2 channels with 4 electrode pads. Each channel’s intensity can be controlled separately. It has 12 programs. With a 60 minute adjustable timers the unit allows you customize the length of your treatment session for the best results. The automatic shutoff function will prolong your battery life. The unit is small and very versatile.

    * Tens/EMS Device
    * 2 Small Latex Free Electrode Pads
    * 2 Large Latex Free Electrode Pads
    * 2 X-Large Latex Free Electrode Pads
    * 4 Lead Wires
    * 1 Piece Pad Holder
    * Acupuncture Chart
    * Instructions Manual
    * Registration Instructions

    Please note that the unit has both Tens and EMS settings.
    Tens Modes are 1,3,4,5,8,9,11,12. 
    EMS modes are 1,2,3,5,7,10,12. 
    When you are using modes 1,3,5 and 12 you are utilizing both EMS and TENS functionality together.

    Live PAIN-FREE with Massage Therapy Concepts Tens & EMS Dual Channel Device

    Health & Wellness, Strength, Tone & Recover, Relaxation & ReliefHealth & Wellness, Strength, Tone & Recover, Relaxation & Relief

    Looking for a safe and easy way to release tension and relieve muscle pain?

    Need a dynamic pick-me-up at work or during your commute?

    Like physical therapy tens units but don’t want to spend a fortune or have the time?

    Introducing The Portable TENS & EMS Massager With 12 Modes and 20 Intensity Levels!

    Our Tens unit is the ideal way to relax and unwind after a long day, relieve lower back pain, neck pain, leg pain and promote a healthy recovery from injuries. We have collaborated with expert orthopaedics and experienced chiropractors to offer you the most genuine TENS & EMS experience at the comfort of your own home!

    And the best part? Our premium Tens Unit is extremely compact and lightweight, so you can easily take it with you anywhere you want!

    What are you waiting for? You could start relaxing today!

    Therapy at Home!

    Dual Channel Tens & EMS Therapy DeviceDual Channel Tens & EMS Therapy Device

    With this unit, you can take control of your health and well-being and have access to therapy anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is simply use the handy and durable Tens unit massager and enjoy a refreshing and rejuvenating massage on your way to work, at home or during your road trips with your family or friends!

    Give the Gift of health – Everyone, young and old, suffers from muscle tension of some sort. You can help yourself and others with the gift of health and well-being.

    The unit has Dual Channel which means you can treat two different body parts with different modes and intensity levels.

    Electrotherapy for Muscle Strength, & Recovery! Release tension from your neck, back or shoulders!

    Portable, Cost Effective and Simple to Use!

    Portable, Cost Effective and Simple to UsePortable, Cost Effective and Simple to Use

    You can now watch your favorite TV show AND enjoy a soothing Tens/EMS massage at the same time while lounging comfortably in your couch.

    The 12 modes and 20 Intensity levels are will deeply penetrate your muscles and tissue, relieving your from pain and soreness, releasing tension and invigorating your lower back, neck, shoulders and feet muscles!

    After just a 20-minute session with the Massage Therapy Concepts TENS & EMS Unit, you’ll feel results almost instantly!

    The Most Versatile Tens and EMS Unit Available!

    Muscle Recovery and Post SurgeryMuscle Recovery and Post Surgery

    Improve blood circulation, relieve pain, relax tense muscles and reduce the appearance of cellulite!

    Great for Muscle Recovery.

    Can you afford to miss out on this chance?

    Our comfortable, compact and highly effective unit is ideal for relaxing tight muscles & knots on your:

    · Upper & lower back

    · Shoulders

    · Neck

    · Thighs

    · Buttocks

    · Feet, Calves & Knees

    · Abdomen

    Easy to Use, Safe and EffectiveEasy to Use, Safe and Effective

    Our unit is ultra-easy to use, and extremely safe!

    10 to 60 Minutes Treatment Sessions with an Auto Shut-Off function to ensure your safety even if you fall asleep!

    Indulge yourself now!

    EASY TO USE – BEST for PAIN RELIEF, Relaxation, Reflexology and Acupressure
    12 PROGRAMS with 20 Intensity Settings. 6 Electrode pads Included, Large LCD display
    60 MINUTES ADJUSTABLE TIMER – Select the length of your treatment for BEST RESULTS – automatic shutoff
    PORTABLE WITH PROFESSIONAL QUALITY GRADE CONSTRUCTION – use it at HOME, OFFICE or when TRAVELING. The device should be USED ONLY with the LEADS and ELECTRODES manufactured by Massage Therapy Concepts

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