Wedding Guest Book: Rustic Wood Background Theme Wedding Reception Guest Book | Mr. And Mrs. Wedding Advice, Wishes, And Memorable Massage Recording Book |

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    Wedding Guest Book for Indoor or Outdoor Weddings

    Click the cover to see what’s inside!

    Wedding Guest Book Interior Details:

    (220+ guests List) perfect for a small or large wedding

    2 guest names per page

    Guest Name, Contact Info, and advice for newlyweds.

    White Paper & Glossy cover

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    Medical Massage, Vol. II

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    The second volume of the Medical Massage textbook is a unique source of professional information for everyone who practices medical massage and manual therapy. This book presents all the major techniques and approaches developed by the Western school of manual medicine for patients with a variety of chronic disorders of the inner organs.

    Each part of the book concentrates on a particular system of the human body. The reader will find information on anatomy and physiology of each discussed system, basic principles of diagnostic evaluation of soft tissues, pathology and a clinical picture of every major chronic disorder. However, the greatest value of the book is the detailed presentation of the major methods and techniques of therapeutic and medical massage which can be used to eliminate somatic components of chronic visceral disorders. The reader will find every medical massage protocol ever developed, published, and clinically used by the Western school of manual medicine for the treatment of chronic visceral disorders. The book is based on more than 220 medical and massage therapy publications from the 19th century to the present, published by scientists from every major Western country.

    The clinical application of each method, technique and approach is presented step by step with detailed explanation and rich illustrative material. To additionally reinforce the clinical effectiveness of the recommended medical massage protocols, this book equips the medical massage practitioner with a detailed presentation of the basic principles of visceral massage in the abdominal cavity. The book contains more than 219 diagrams and photos.

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    Physiotherapist Log Book: Physiotherapist Journal Notebook | Physiotherapy Logbook for Recording Symptoms, Exercise Plan & Therapy of your Patients | Gift for Physical Therapists & Chiropractors

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    Physiotherapist Log Book for Men & Women

    Looking for an easy log to keep all of your patient care notes? Look no further, because this logbook featuring a simple layout is perfect for physiotherapists and chiropractors professionals.

    Physiotherapist Journal will help you to record, track, analyze and plan Physical Therapy for your patients. It will be your powerful weapon to get someone out of bed, teach them how to walk again, dance again, run again and live their life again.

    With this helpful notebook, you can do your job without losing so much time.

    See the back cover for an example of what you can expect inside this Logbook!

    Journal Features:

    • Date
    • Time
    • Client
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Client Conditions
    • Analysis of Symptoms (Pain Area Map, Description, Pain Level)
    • Exercise Plan (Description, Duration/Frequency)

    This book includes:

    • Beautifully designed premium matte cover
    • Size: Easy-to-store 6 x 9 inches
    • 100 pages to document your client’s physical problems
    • Prompted spaces to document details such as date, client conditions, analysis of symptoms, exercise plan, etc.
    • Perfect binding, quality white paper sheet

    So get your copy today! and don’t forget to check my other notebooks and find the perfect one that will suit you, or would be ideal for that special gift for a loved one. My books carry a range of different notebooks and you will undoubtedly find the right one for you by checking through our different and exciting graphic options.

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    15 Gold IOU Love Voucher Coupons For Him or Her, Husband Wife Boyfriend or Girlfriend Couples Valentines Day, Fun Birthday, Funny Anniversary, Romantic Christmas Gift, Naughty I Owe You Cards

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    Why should you order your own naughty love IOU voucher coupons?
    Make that special person in your life feel love; amazing present for him or her! These Love Vouchers are going to be a hit! Your significant other will think it is the best gift they have ever received! Plus it is cheap, saves you money and is a very meaningful gift for vday! No need for a whole book, 15 separate cards are much easier to use!
    Create priceless memories with your significant other; each iou love coupon will help you strengthen your relationship with your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend! For example, use the weekend getaway coupon and go for a spontaneous romantic adventure and develop long lasting memories and experiences as a couple! Dare your lover to play a fun adult diy game with you!
    Spice up your love life; need to add a little bit of spice to your marriage, love life? These vouchers will do the trick to strengthen your relationship on date night! Use a funny voucher check for “fun with chocolate and let your imagination run wild or dirty”, “draw a bath for two and see where things go”, “Give a massage that might turn a little naughty”.
    Amazing gift idea; looking for the perfect cute gift for a man or woman in your life like your husband, wife, fiance, boyfriend or girlfriend? These cute cardstock paper vouchers make a special Valentines day, Xmas, Christmas, holiday, fathers day, mothers day, anniversary or birthday gift for your spouse or partner! Unique stocking stuffer for men or women! Fantastic gift for wedding newlyweds! Give them to the groom or bride as an engagement present!
    Love the design & quality of the cards or your money back

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    Weekly, Daily & Hourly Planner for Massage Therapists: Keep track of appointments, take notes, write down goals. Includes calendars for four years ahead. (Customizable planners.)

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    As a famous saying goes – Massage is the study of anatomy in braille. This planner is designed for massage therapists, to keep track of their appointments each week. You can fill in your own dates, as needed. Includes hourly breakdowns for each day of the week. This planner also includes an area to write down notes, yearly goals, and handy calendars for four years ahead – 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. The planner is undated, making it easy to customize for any year you wish.

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    Aromatherapy and Massage: The solution: Aromatherapy and Massage, good remedy book to heal, Remedies journal for stress, physical illnesses, Modern … For Success, Healing the Body and Mind

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    Do I want aromatherapy oils to ignite romance? Can I benefit from using aromatherapy as a stress reliever? Do I have any mental or physical illnesses, which aromatherapy could read to relieve my symptoms ?Are my intentions to freshen my car or home? Can I use aromatherapy scents and fragrances as a décor? What about perfumes? As you can see aromatherapy is used in a variety of ways. It is up to you what you want to use the oils for, however if you answered yes to any or all of the questions above aromatherapy massage oils are for you.After a hectic day at work, your husband complains of every part of his body aching with pain. Will a good night’s sleep refresh him for the next hectic day? Not necessarily. With a similar schedule each day, he is adding to his pain, which within time will transform into a fatal disease. You being a caring wife, will you want this chain of events to continue? If no, then aromatherapy massage oils are for you. Aromatherapy massage oils will go a long way in giving the much-needed relief to a person after a long day at work. Massage is both physically and emotionally stimulating for the body.

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    Third Eye Awakening: Your Definitive Guide to Open Your Third Chakra, Achieve Higher Consciousness Enhance Intuition & Psychic Abilities Through Spiritual & Energy Healing and Increase Mind Power

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    Opening your Third Eye in a safe and effective way!

    When the ancient yogis devised the chakra system, they were envisioning a uniquely holistic approach to the problem of unleashing the human potential. Thanks to the modern man’s penchant for easily-digestible information, this system has been chopped up and split into several, easily-marketable ideas. In the same vein, the system has lost most of its credibility due to “unscientific” claims and a lack of evidence for the same.

    This book seeks to remedy all these problems, and to introduce the reader to the concept of opening one’s third eye in the way it should be –holistic, safe, efficient, and most of all, realistic!

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    Facial Cupping Therapy: Complete Instruction To Learn Doing A Cupping Face Lift: Bodyworkers

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    Beauty is a billion-dollar industry and the market is teeming with products that promise to give you anything from fairer skin to a radiant glow to a younger look. But most of these products are laden with chemicals that may do more harm than good in the long run. That is why many people now look at traditional and ancient beauty practices that offer a natural way to radiant beauty. Cultures around the world have used beauty therapies since ancient times. Most of these are proven and the results are often amazing. One such procedure is facial cupping.

    Facial cupping is great for:

  • increasing local circulation of the skin;
  • helping to reduce facial edema, chronic puffiness, and sinus problems;
  • helping to plump and soften expression lines, wrinkles, and scar tissue; and
  • reducing tightness and tension in facial muscles associated with temporomandibular (TMJ) dysfunction.
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    The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing: 25 Home Practices and Tools for Peak Holistic Health and Wellness Volume 4

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    Pain relief secrets doctors don’t share. What if there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything?

    I’m guessing you’d want to know what that is. This book gives you 25 of those things. 

    Go ahead, click! 

    You’ll learn from 25 holistic health experts who specialize in unique modalities for peak mind, body, soul health and wellness.  

    Most self-treatment books concentrate on only one modality. What you have in your hands is a powerful toolkit and a rare find; the collaborative energy, effort, intention, and love from over two dozen practitioners and healers who’ve made their lives about helping people like you thrive! You’ll experience healing when you practice the tools with their patient guidance, but don’t be surprised when you feel that even more as you read and deeply resonate with their stories.

    Grab your copy now!

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    Akupressur & der Bewegungsapparat: Leitfaden für Trainer, Coaches & Sportler (muscle:coaching) (German Edition)

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    Es gibt in der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin 309 reguläre Reflexpunkte, die eine Wirkung auf den Bewegungsapparat besitzen. In diesem Buch werden Ihnen die wichtigsten 62 dieser Akupunktur-Punkte dargestellt. Denn es ist keine Meisterschaft alle 309 Punkte zu kennen, sondern die Wichtigsten und effektivsten Punkte zu wissen und anzuwenden. Weiter lernen Sie zwei einfache Methoden kennen, wie Sie diese Punkte, ohne Schmerz und viel Aufwand beeinflussen können.

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