Vintage Massage Therapist Definition Noun Funny Massage Premium T-Shirt

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    Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heat
    Vintage massage therapist. Funny gift for a massage therapist who went to a massage therapy school. Using your skill, you provide comfort & relaxation to your clients muscles. Gift to someone who likes retro vintage themes.
    Perfect birthday gift for a licensed massage therapist who loves their job, humor & funny quotes. Great gift for friends, co-workers and family who are awesome massage therapists as they relieve pain and stress through massage therapy.
    This premium t-shirt is made of lightweight fine jersey fabric
    Fit: Men’s fit runs small, size up for a looser fit. Women’s fit is true to size, order usual size.

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    HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat | Adjustable Intensity , Dual Pivoting Heads | 2 Sets Interchangeable Nodes , Heated Muscle Kneading for Back , Shoulders , Feet , Legs , & Neck

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    The homedics percussion action massager works for your entire body. Dual pivoting heads with variable speed control provide a superior massage experience. Three attachments let you customize your massage, while the ergonomic handle makes the massage you need easier than ever.

    LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: This Handheld Heated Massager is lightweight and portable. Bring it with you to work, on the train, plane and in the car. It weighs less than 2.5 lbs, so it won’t add much weight to your suitcase. Its ergonomic rubber handle allows easy handling and gripping. The interchangeable massage heads are small and lightweight as well. Bring this therapeutic tool when you travel to give yourself a stimulating, relaxing massage wherever you are
    SOOTHING HEAT FEATURE: This deep kneading handheld massager has an optional heating feature. The use of heat helps to penetrate tired muscles making your massage even more soothing and relaxing. Deep kneading nodes mimic the movements of a massage therapist to help loosen knots and relieve pain. NOTE: The heat function works best when the attachments are removed and the red heat nodes are exposed
    DUAL PIVOTING MASSAGE HEADS: The dual pivoting massage heads operate at up to 3100 pulses per minute. Enjoy the four different speed settings allowing you to enjoy a gentle, relaxing massage or a more vigorous, deep tissue massage. The easy-to-use buttons are located on the top of the massager. Switch the interchangeable massage nodes for a softer, or firmer massage. The percussion nodes move up and down, delivering an intense professional massage experience
    SIMPLE TO USE: Simply press the POWER button located on the top of the handle. To increase the intensity of the massage, continue to press the POWER button until the desired intensity is reached. To turn the unit off, press the POWER button past the highest intensity setting. To activate the heat function, press the HEAT button located above the intensity bars on the top of the handle. To cancel the heat function, press the HEAT button a second time
    WHAT’S INCLUDED: One HoMedics Percussion Massager with Heat. Two sets of interchangeable massage nodes. One wall outlet adapter. One 30-day money back guarantee. Two-year limited warranty

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    Massage Gun – Deep Tissue Massage Gun – Muscle Massager – Portable Handheld Muscles Device for Gym Office Home Workouts Equipment, Back Neck Shoulder Pain Relief

    Price: $96.00 - $45.00
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    ✅ Our versatile cordless massagers can be used anywhere on the body
    ✅ Our Massage Equipment, the has all of the features you need and nothing you don’t | Great Gifts for Men/Women.
    ✅ Easy to Use – Simple, one button control allows for quick and immediate use with no learning curve. The massage gun is equipped with rechargeable high performance 2200mA lithium-ion battery for a 2 hour continuous service time
    ✅ Your Purchase is 100% Guaranteed – Order it now!

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    Sex Positions for Couples: 2 Books in 1: The Ultimate Guide with Sexual Positions, Tantric Massage, Kama Sutra and Sexy Games for Adults. Now You Discover How to Talk Dirty and HAVE BETTER SEX.

    Price: $6.99
    (as of Jan 20,2021 19:58:16 UTC – Details)

    Has your sex life gotten to a point where you feel you’ve run out of steam and are looking for a way to add some kindle to keep the fire burning or is it just great and wish to take it to the next level by introducing more fun to tap into your wild sides?

    And are you looking for a guide that will help you to explore your sexuality in ways you probably have never done before so you get the most amazing sexual experiences all the time?

    If you’ve answered YES, keep reading…

    You’ve Just Discovered The Perfect Couples Companion Featuring A Collection Of Sex Positions Coupled With Sex Tips, Strategies And Advice That Will Ensure The Fire In Your Bedroom Never Goes Out!

    Although they say great relationships are not all about sex, the truth is that sex is the invisible glue that keeps everything from falling apart. And the fact that you are here is testament that you appreciate just how important sex is in keeping your relationship satisfying for everyone.

    It is also likely you are looking for answers to all the questions going on in your mind…

    How do you turn yourself on more often without feeling as if you are trying too hard?

    Which timeless sex positions should you keep in your bedroom ‘arsenal’ all the time?

    What’s the best way to add spice to otherwise good positions to ensure explosive, toe curling and eye rolling orgasms?

    How do you leverage the power of foreplay to your advantage and explore your sexual fantasies without the awkwardness?

    If you have these and other related questions, this 2 in 1 book is for you so keep reading.

    More precisely, you will discover:

    • Erotic games you can engage in to get in the mood when you are feeling playful
    • How to unlock the limitless potential of tantra massage to have greater sexual experiences
    • Powerful strategies that will get you in the mood, even if you are busy and too distracted
    • How to make foreplay a central part of your sex life
    • What to do to last longer in bed
    • Creative ways to explore your sexual fantasies
    • A huge collection of sex positions for different skills levels
    • How to dirty-talk your way to amazing sex every single day
    • How to creatively take your sex outside your bedroom
    • And much more!

    Yes, even if you feel your sex life is great so far but are always curious about what the next level would feel like, this book will help you find out for yourself without feeling like you are trying too hard!

    Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

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    Healing Touch for Cats: The Proven Massage Program for Cats

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    Distinguished veterinarian and animal psychologist Dr. Michael W. Fox shares his pioneering 6-step cat massage technique, which is not only a healing tool and healthcare measure, but also affirms the bond between you and your animal companion. Drawn from more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Fox provides an orientation to basic cat anatomy, physiology, and psychology, and then addresses, through easy-to-read instructions and detailed illustrations and photos:

    • Why cats need massage
    • How to understand your cat’s body language
    • How to develop a massage routine n How to diagnose illness with massage
    • How to keep your cat fit and healthy

    This newly revised and updated volume is an essential guide for helping and healing our animal companions.

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    HealthmateForever (Women Size 7-8) Premium Inserts Acupressure Dynamic Best Pain Relief Foot Insoles for Sore Feet

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    (as of Jan 20,2021 17:55:14 UTC – Details)

    Detailed Product Description Liquid Glycerin Filled Shoe Insoles help provide comfort and relief you just can’t get with traditional shoe insoles or inserts. Our insoles work great to help relieve pain associated with long periods of walking or standing. The Gel Flows and moves to the exact shape of the foot to displace pressure and weight equally. The outside material: 1mm thick TPU pocket (thermoplastic urethanes), inside material is gel liquid (glycerin). The fluid filling is 96% non-toxic glycerin and 4% water. It is a kosher product. Our Dynamic Fluid Therapeutic Insoles have a revolutionary design that allows your foot to float on top of the liquid Glycerin as you walk giving you a constant foot massage using specific acupressure points. Because liquid is self leveling, your entire body weight will be distributed evenly across the entire surface of your foot relieving pressure on your back and knees. Enjoy soothing massage from heel to toe. The insoles provide 15x the impact resistance of standard “Drug Store” type insoles. Find out for yourself how much a quality insole can improve your quality of life.
    **New Targeted Treatment massage gel insoles with increased Dynamic Fluid Technology and molded support for the arch that supports the Plantar Fasciitis condition. Massage Insoles allow you to stand, walk Pain Free!
    Function: Free-Flowing gel cushions, massages and absorbs pressure with every step. Fluid forms to the exact shape of the foot, release pressure under the foot. The insoles are made from high-quality durable urethane and are filled with a non-toxic glycerin gel. Odor-resistant, urethane covering reduces perspiration and retards bacterial growth.
    It helps gout, hip pain, back pain, knee pain, heel spurs, heel pain, feet pain, bunions, diabetic, flat feet, hot feet, club feet, cold feet, neuropathy, high arches, metatasalgia, poor circulation, Morton’s neuroma, plantar fsciatiis Dynamic Fluid Technology
    Care Instructions: Massaging Insoles used only pharmaceutical grade glycerin as its fluid filling. “Pharmaceutical grade” means allowable in food or cosmetics under FDA standards. Easy Care: Hand or machine wash with soap and water. For maximum durability, keep insoles clean. Wash weekly and AIR DRY ONLY. Our insoles are not microwavable.
    Washable Trim-to-fit and transfer from shoe to shoe. Machine washable Usage: Wipe inside of shoe clean. Remove existing insole the former insoles. Inserts and Stays in Place Inside the shoe with fabric side up.

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    Foot Spa, Foot Bath Massager with Heat, Bubbles, Pumice Stone, Medicine Box, Digital Temperature Control, Red Light, 14 Ergonomic Massage Rollers and Acupressure Massage Points, Fatigue Relief

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    Product Description

    Turejo New Upgraded Neo mint Green Foot Spa Bath Massager is here to take over your life in 2020!

    foot spa with heat,foot bath with heat,heated foot bath,hrated foot spafoot spa with heat,foot bath with heat,heated foot bath,hrated foot spa

    foot spa bath,foot nath,foot spafoot spa bath,foot nath,foot spa

    Most Fashionable and Elegant

    foot spa,foot spa with heat and massage and jets,foot spa with heat and massage,foot bath massagerfoot spa,foot spa with heat and massage and jets,foot spa with heat and massage,foot bath massager

    foot basin for soaking feet,foot massager machine,foot soak tub,foot tub,foot carefoot basin for soaking feet,foot massager machine,foot soak tub,foot tub,foot care

    foot bath massager with heat,heated foot bath,foot massager with water and heatfoot bath massager with heat,heated foot bath,foot massager with water and heat

    Most Ergonomic Massage

    Upgraded massage rollers design according to the shape of the foot, fits seamlessly with human feet, It has an most ergonomic massage outline.

    14 removable massage rollers and mini acupressure massage points for well accurately stimulate acupuncture points on the soles to effectively relieve stress and fatigue.

    Aerobic Bubble Massage

    Turn on the bubble jet function to soothe plantar fasciitis and relax overworked feet.

    Activate bubble function to promote water heating.

    Heating Therapy

    Turejo foot spa massager adopts Hydroelectric Separation technology, safe and higher thermal efficiency. Just soka your feet in warm water.

    Adjustable water temperature: 95°F-118°F

    Professional Salon & Spa at Home

    foot spa with heat and massagefoot spa with heat and massage

    pedicure stonepedicure stone

    foot bathfoot bath

    Pair with Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak!

    Add Epsom salts, Essential oils, Bath bombs, Herbs and flowers, Apple cider vinegar, Baking soda, Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, blend to your foot bath for an exquisitely therapeutic soaking experience.

    You don’t have to spend a bunch of money for expensive spa days when you can treat yourself from the comfort of home!

    Gently Remove Dead Skin, Corns, Calluses

    A simple 20 minute soak after every foot-fatiguing day will help to soften tough, dry skin and remove corns, calluses and peeling or scaling areas, remove dead skin directly with the Pumice Stone.

    Easy to Use

    With infrared light, the heat can be absorbed by the superficial tissues of feet, which will promote blood circulation, eliminate swelling of the foot, reduce fatigue, and promote foot repair and body regeneration.

    foot bathfoot bath

    foot spa massagerfoot spa massager

    foot massager spafoot massager spa

    Bubbles’ Power

    Release numerous warming bubbles to stimulate foot acupuncture, accelerate water heating, calm down muscle stress and provide gentle massages.

    Improve Body Function

    A lot of acupuncture points firmly relate to your organ and body part. Manually massage your soles with 14 shiatsu massage rollers, well stimulating acupuncture points that connect the feet with brain, eyes, ears, lung, stomach, heart, and lower body glands.

    Professional Design

    The design and the function of this foot bath imitate the traditional Chinese massage technique. When bathing the feet, you can add bath salts and essential oils into the bath so that you can make a professional foot spa at home.

    foot spafoot spa

    foot soakfoot soak

    foot bath massagerfoot bath massager

    foot spafoot spa

    Relieve Flu Symptoms

    When we have a headache or flu, our heads are congested. A warm foot spa helps open foot vessels and stimulate nerve endings, relieving discomfort caused from a cold. Keeping soaking feet in warm water can improves immunity as well.

    Promote Night Sleep

    Foot spa with warm water helps increase skin temperature so the body temperature then will be slightly elevated after about 15 minutes, indicating that some heat has well penetrated the body. This will help relieve stress, fatigue, and tension physically and mentally, promoting sleep and reducing the chances of sleeplessness.

    Weight Loss or Body Detox

    Modern life is full of toxins, whether in the air we breathe or in the food we eat. Toxins will accumulate in kidneys, liver and fat cells. A foot spa mixed with proper spa salt assists in removing toxins. Elimination of toxins will help remove the barrier to weight loss and improved well-being.

    Pain Relief

    Some people with foot and joint pain stemming from arthritis will find that the foot spa helps relieve their discomfort.

    Treat those important athletes, runners and busy bees in your life to the incredible gift of relaxation and full foot restoration. They’ll love this wonderful gift as they enjoy again & again while thinking of you!

    foot bath,foot spafoot bath,foot spa

    Enjoy comfortable and relaxing Foot Spa Massage at home!

    A foot spa is a great way to help relax yourself after a day filled with stress and fatigue, for it accelerates the process of metabolism, which is beneficial to your entire body.

    Simply fill the spa bath massager with water, customize your ideal spa treatment, and then enjoy yourself with the relaxing comfort brought through bubbling warm water.

    The restorative spa helps alleviate stress and enhance well-being, making you believe that a day’s hard work is worthwhile and sleep better at night.

    Product Specification:

    Rollers: 14 removable massaging rollers Function: Roller Massage, Mini Acupressure Massage Points, Soothing Bubble, Infrared Light, Pumice Stone, Medicine Box, Fast Heating Digital Temperature Control: 95-118℉ Rated Voltage: 120V (US) Rated Power: 500w Rated Frequency: 60Hz (US)


    1 x Foot Spa Massager 1 x User Manual 1x Power cord

    FAST HEAT THERAPY: One button to set your favorable temperature ( 95-118℉/35-48℃), the foot bath massager will heats and maintain the water temperature during the whole foot spa massage until you turn it off efficiently, without hassle of filling hot water or temperature dropping, with leakage protection. Have a luxuriously relaxing foot soak in hot water, relax your Day’s Fatigue
    FOR FAMILY’S GIFT: This Chic foot spa massager includes Bubbles function and infrared ligjht, accelerate water heating and give you better health protection during massage. At 13.7″ diameter it even fits mens feet up to size 15. The foot spa is fashionable and elegant with transparent design, ideal Gift for family
    PROFESSIONAL SALON & SPA TREATMENT: Our foot massager spa is equipped with foot stone and medicne box for pedicure and exfoliation, help removing calluses, corns and dead skin. You can add Epsom salts, essential oils or tea tree oil, it’s a great way to smooth your feet and heel, along with the foot spa massage to improve your skin appearance, keeping it fresh and smooth
    SAFETY FIRST& CUSTOMER PRIORITY: FDA certification certifies quality ensure your safety. All the foot spa massagers are on strict inspection before packaging. If you receive a product with water signs inside, this is a sign of factory inspection, which is a normal phenomenon. For any quality-related issues, please feel free to contact us, and a satisfying solution will be provided in 24 hours

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    Massager Heating Shoulder Wrap, AFDEAL Wireless Heated Pad 3 Vibration and 5 Temperature settings Adjustable Electric Brace Support with Hot and Cold Therapy for Frozen Back Dislocated Joint

    Price: $57.99 - $49.99
    (as of Jan 20,2021 15:49:28 UTC – Details)

    Product Description


    Are you feel hard to take your clothes off ?

    Are you feel your arm grow weaker and weaker ?

    Are you feel pain follows your arm movement ?

    If yes, then you maybe need Massager Heating Shoulder Wrap, which offers complete pain relief and relaxation to muscles and reduces stress, Helping accelerate recovery from injuries while delivering targeted relief to pain caused by arthritis of shoulder, rotator cuff tear, AC joint dislocation, sprain, bursitis, tendinitis, paralysis, strain, stiffness, soreness, etc.




    Shoulder Pain Relief

    Shoulder Heating Wrap is just released for sale. It is specifically designed and specialized in pain relief for Shoulders.

    Enjoy Happy Life

    Vibration Heated Shoulder Pad can be wear anywhere you want and offers complete pain relief and relaxation to muscles and reduces stress.

    Ice Bag Can Be Put In (not included)

    Ice pack therapy is also an option for the discomfort treatment, Helping accelerate recovery from injuries while delivering targeted relief to pain


    How to use:

    1.Put the battery into the battery pouch and stick it on the side of the shoulder massage heating pad, then use the short charging wire connect the battery and the heating pad.

    2.Attach the velcro on the arm part of the massage heating pad and use the strap included attach both ends of the shoulder part of the massage heating pad. Use the extend strap included to prelong the whole strap if it is too short for your need

    3.put your arm into the massage heating pad, then put the strap over your head and the other arm, fix it on your chest, and adjust the strap, and then press the heating and the massage button to the proper level to enjoy vibration combined with heating therapy


    Keep press the power button 3 seconds to turn on the device.


    Charging Type: Power Adapter / 2600mAh Battery

    Output Voltage :8.4V / DC Power: 10W

    Charging Time: Always (Power Adapter) / 2H(2600mAh Battery


    【Relief Both Right and Left Shoulder Pain】 Electric Shoulder Heating Pad fits for both right and left shoulder. It offers complete pain relief and relaxation to muscles and reduces stress, Helping accelerate recovery from injuries. Please adjust the strap tightly if you didn’t feel the heat or massaging, while don’t immobilize your shoulder so you can leave some range of your motion.
    【 Portable Battery for Better Use 】The battery of shoulder heating pad for pain can be recharged and label led anywhere you like! Shoulder massager supports driving use, office use and relaxing use. you can enjoy this product at anywhere you like.
    【Fit for Both Men and Women】 Shoulder brace support both men and women, one size fits most: chest circumference 27-55 inch; arm circumference 9-16 inch. It will not immobilize your shoulder, you can still have most of your range of motion (depending on how tightly you adjust it). Please feel free to contact us if you have any probelem while using our product, we will try our best to solve it.
    【Anthropometric Design】 Wireless adjustable electric shoulder brace is designed ergonomically for extended comfort. Made of high quality neoprene material with over heat protection design, it is guaranteed to be comfortable and safe to shoulder neck and leg pain relief .(it is perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.)
    【Vibration Combined with Heating Therapy】 Enjoy vibration massage and heating therapy separately or together as you wish! There are 5 vibration mode and 3 heating mode of our heated shoulder pad. Lots of combination ways can be chose to relief your discomfort. Please press to the heating botton to red light if you feel the pad dosen’t heat enough for you, press to green light if too hot.

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    24Seven Wellness & Living Back Pain Relief DVD, Natural Prevention of Lower, Upper, Neck and Sciatic Pain. A Yoga and Pilates Based Stretch Program That Could Potentially Change Your Life!

    Price: $19.95
    (as of Jan 20,2021 14:44:54 UTC – Details)

    REASONS TO CHOOSE THE SECRET BACK PAIN CURE DVD TO TREAT YOUR BACK PAIN1. You want to move without pain inhibiting your movements.
    2. You want to stop pain interrupting your sleep.
    3. You want to stop taking medication to get you through the day.
    4. You want to avoid unnecessary surgery.
    5. You want an at home program that you can follow easily.
    6. You want to stop spending hours and $$’s with doctor and chiropractors.
    7. You want to be able to exercise and feel well again.HOW CAN THE SECRET BACK PAIN CURE DVD HELP?
    1. It is a pure flexibility program that promotes improved range of movement at your joints. This is not a workout program but a protocol to help alleviate back pain.
    2. It improves posture. Most people’s back pain is caused by poor posture. Correcting the bones that are being drawn out of alignment by short tight muscles reduces pain and stiffness.
    3. It is an at home program that you can do at whatever time of day suits you.
    4. It is clear and concise. The explanations are detailed showing you which muscle may be causing your pain and how to stretch the offending muscle to relieve the pain.
    5. It is a step by step guide that anyone can follow no matter your age, fitness level or intensity of your pain.
    6. It teaches you how to fix your back pain. Many people feel results instantaneously.
    7. It saves you time and $$’s by not having to buy medication or making constant visits to doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors.
    8. It will allow you to exercise again making you feel healthier and energized.
    9. It could prevent you having to undergo unnecessary surgery.
    10. And finally – how would a good night’s sleep feel?!
    “My back pain relief program was derived from treating my own back pain and that of my wonderful clients. If it worked for us it could work for you.” Cheryl Alker – Creator of the Secret Back Pain Cure Program.

    ✅ NATURAL REMEDY – Nobody wants to have to take medication or go under the knife to treat their back pain. This instructional DVD gives you an at home set by step program to treat and prevent many types of back pain
    ✅ PAIN ON STANDING? – How many times have you got up from your desk and felt a sharp pain or felt lower back stiffness? This DVD explains why and how to alleviate it
    ✅ TREATS MANY TYPES OF PAIN – Not just for the lower back. This program gives you stretches to help alleviate or prevent sciatica, neck pain, shoulder tension, upper back ache, piriformis syndrome, headaches, TMJ dysfunction and of course, lower back pain
    ✅ EASY TO FOLLOW – You will be left in no doubt of how to complete each stretch. Absolutely clear and detailed instructions of the muscle the stretch is targeting and how to complete each exercise safely and effectively, the muscle the stretch is targeting and the type of pain each stretch will treat and alleviate. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A WORKOUT PROGRAM IT IS AN INSTRUCTIONAL PROTOCOL TO TEACH YOU SPECIFIC STRETCHES THAT COULD HELP ALLEVIATE YOUR BACK PAIN.
    ✅ LIFE CHANGER – So many people’s back pain is caused by postural issues. Short tight muscles draw our bones out of alignment. This causes pain and discomfort even when we make simple everyday movements. It effects your sleep and can leave you feeling downright depressed. This back pain DVD provides a solution that goes straight to the core of the matter with a natural and proactive program you can do in the comfort of your own home

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    Itsy Bitsy Yoga: Poses to Help Your Baby Sleep Longer, Digest Better, and Grow Stronger

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    Price: points - Details)

    The ancient practice of yoga will help your baby sleep better, digest easier, be happier, and stay healthier. Start today.

    If you’ve been searching for an excellent way to bond with your baby and improve his or her health,
    Itsy Bitsy Yoga is the solution you’ve been looking for. Helen Garabedian, a certified instructor in yoga and infant massage, has developed over seventy yoga postures and thirty-five series for moms and dads to enjoy with their growing babies. You don’t need any previous yoga experience. Learn the many benefits of yoga, posture by posture, in this accessible guide, with seventy beautiful black-and-white photos, at-a-glance reference charts, and memorable Itsy Bitsy Yoga rhymes.

    Yoga can help babies up to two years of age:

    -sleep better

    -get relief from gas pains and colic

    -digest food easier

    -stay healthier with a strong immune system

    -receive neuromuscularm stimulation

    -learn to relax

    The book also features seven Magic Poses that can soothe fussy, upset babies within minutes! So start enjoying more time with your happy yoga baby right now.

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