YBZS Sonic Hand-Held Percussion Massage Gun,Muscle Massage Gun / 3400 Mah Lithium Battery/Fitness Equipment/Deep Relaxing Weight Loss Massager / 6 Head Massage Head

    Price: $441.34
    (as of Dec 27,2020 13:38:26 UTC – Details)

    * 6 adjustable speed levels: 1200-3600 R / MIN percussion per minute, you can adjust the rotation speed of the massage to achieve the most comfortable state.
    * 6 massage adapters: You can massage any part of the body with four interchangeable massage heads.
    * 6 hours working time: 3400mha rechargeable lithium ion battery can be used for about 6 hours per charge
    * Smooth and low noise: The high-precision mold makes the head and body connected well, and it can effectively reduce the noise during operation by smooth sliding (≤45db), which is lower than 60dB of decibel from other providers
    * Deep muscle impact, portable and wireless design, convenient and comfortable anodized aluminum shell

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    LKNJLL Smart Electric Neck and Shoulder Massager,Smart Neck Massager with Heat Portable Massage Equipment with Remote Control Cordless Design (Color : Blue)

    Price: $445.87
    (as of Dec 27,2020 12:21:38 UTC – Details)

    Through low-cycle pulse technology, penetrate 3-5 centimeters below the skin to open the pain points and meridians, and lighten the pain of cervical spine.
    Constant temperature massage. Hot compress at 42℃ can relax blood vessels, relax muscles and bones, accelerate blood circulation and relieve cervical pain.
    3 massage modes and 15-step force adjustment. Acupuncture and moxibustion mode, massage mode and knocking mode.
    Shut down at regular intervals. The default 15 minutes after automatic power failure, safer, more assured.
    Thank you for your trust and support! wish you a happy life.

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    TOWERS1 Vertical Fat-Shaking Machine, Body-Shaking Fat Massage, Body Shaping and Thin Equipment, Fat-Removing Machine, Slimming Massager

    Price: $446.98
    (as of Dec 27,2020 09:42:15 UTC – Details)

    【Logistics advantage】TOWERS1 is self-delivery. It only takes 3 to 5 days to complete the order from the order to your receipt. Our baby wants to be an airplane, rushing to you
    【The function of the fat-shaking massager】to promote blood circulation, dredge the meridians, and maintain the ovaries. Speed ​​up blood circulation and accelerate uterine contraction. Regulate endocrine, eliminate fatigue and relieve nerves
    【 Suitable for the crowd】The fat-shaking massager is mainly aimed at simple obesity and postpartum obesity. It can only help reduce fat for genetic obesity and pathological obesity. Thin belly, big belly, beer belly, postpartum stretch marks are all clouds, tightening the waist and abdomen to reduce abdominal fat while tightening and lifting sagging skin shape.
    【Features】The massage instrument function can effectively solve the 8 major parts of the body: shoulders, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, ovaries, waist, buttocks, and legs. The intelligent method switches the operating procedures of different parts, and the congested parts are smoothed.
    【Service】TOWERS1 best service 100% Refund Guarantee, please be assured the purchase. Our products are sent from the US and can be delivered quickly. If you have any questions or quality issue,please feel free to contact us.will do our best to help you solve the problem.

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    Personal Care Health Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer Home stepper Stovepipe weight loss machine Home fitness equipment Outdoor running machine Multi function treadmill Mute Not scratching the floo

    Price: $699.82
    (as of Dec 27,2020 08:25:37 UTC – Details)

    2.Practical home trainer.The perfect workout device for a well-rounded workout: works out the abs,legs,thighs and entire lower body
    1. The resistance level can be adjusted individually according to your personal fitness level,which makes the stepper suitable for the elderly,adults and beginners.
    3. A training computer with a drawstring,showing training time,steps per minute,scanning and calories burned.
    4. Durable gym with high quality steel frame construction,non-slip massage foot pad,portable and easy to use.
    The products sold by our company are genuine,please rest assured to buy,please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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    ZYQDRZ Upper Limbs + Legs Cuffs Massage Equipment, 4/6 Deactivateable Air Chambers, Easy to Set Pressure and Time, 3 Massage Procedures,Gray,6

    Price: $447.99
    (as of Dec 27,2020 06:23:37 UTC – Details)

    Easy to install and use-don’t need any help to put on the cuff and use the two knobs on the controller to easily change settings. Just set the length and intensity and start!
    The leg massager has 4/6 overlapping air bags for a thorough and even massage-4/6 air cavities per cuff for stable sliding massage. Overlap technology (see picture) avoids gaps between pockets.
    The device runs quietly-only ≤50 decibels, and its sound is quieter than that of a refrigerator. During the massage, you can easily talk, read or relax.
    Upper Limb and Foot Sliding Massage – The leg cuff and upper limb massage included with the product allows you to enjoy a comfortable, gliding massage from feet to thighs and upper limbs.
    High-quality manufacturing – We use high-quality materials to ensure that our controllers and cuffs are durable. No cuffs, loose hose connections or broken zips.

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    DSY Home Weight Loss Treadmill Men and Women Running Treadmill Bedroom Living Room Mute Small Fitness Machine Indoor Adult Stepper Outdoor Fitness Equipment Sport Equipment

    Price: $700.05
    (as of Dec 27,2020 05:17:40 UTC – Details)

    1. Our fitness equipment is very easy to use, very portable and comfortable. It makes the treadmill suitable for the elderly, adults and beginners, so you don’t need to go to the gym to exercise at home.
    2.Practical home trainer.The perfect workout device for a well-rounded workout: works out the abs, legs, thighs and entire lower body
    3.A training computer with a drawstring, showing training time, steps per minute, scanning and calories burned.
    4.Durable fitness stepper with high-quality steel frame structure, non-slip massage mat, easy to carry and easy to use.
    Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation. Thank you for coming, we will do our best to provide you with quality service.

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    JAD@ 78cm Super Large with Music Shake Machine Shake Machine, Lazy Home Massage Exercise Slimming Equipment, Thin Waist Thin Belly Thin Arm Stovepipe Artifact

    Price: $459.11
    (as of Dec 27,2020 03:13:05 UTC – Details)

    ★ In automatic mode, the machine will turn on the appropriate frequency according to your weight to achieve better weight loss.
    ★ 0-99 file movement adjustment, just adjust the distance between the feet, you can easily enjoy the slimming experience brought by walking, jogging, mad running different ways
    ★ Magnet therapy, pure physical health and weight loss, shaking about 1000 times per minute, exercise is more effective
    ★ Using new technology to mute the motor, quiet and not disturbing the people, the baby can also use when sleeping
    ★ Display panel, the status is clear at a glance, easy to control, convenient for the elderly and children

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