Mind It’s Mysteries and Control

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Fear not.The mind is no doubt extremely turbulent.Through repeated attempts you can perfectly subdue it. You are the master of the mind. By Abhyasa (practice/sadhana) and vairagya (renunciation) assert your mastery. Feel the power, bliss and splendour that results from perfect self-conquest. Curb the mind ruthlessly. Annihilate desire. When desire dies mind is your slave. Become desireless and be victorious. It will help you rest in prisitine freedom.

Hypnosis and Meditation for Weight Loss: All the benefits of Hypnosis, Meditation, and Positive Affirmations for Men and Women. Achieve Mindfulness, Get Lean, Overcome Anxiety, and Insomnia

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Are you fighting with your weight? Are you fighting with insomnia?? If yes, hypnosis and meditation can be the solution! Keep reading to discover more.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and fearlessness, it is beneficial for weight loss. It changes your perception of food, makes you do not eat extra food or snacks, and eat the right food automatically.

Meditation is a delightful state where you are relaxed both physically and mentally.

Meditation restores brain cells, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diminishes anxiety and depression, improves the immune system and breathing, increases the body stamina, and allows you to understand yourself.

This bundle contains two hypnosis meditation books:

✓ Rapid Weight Loss and Gastric Band Hypnosis:

You can lose weight without any bariatric surgery. A particular type of hypnosis, Gastric Band hypnosis, allows you to perceive the presence of a gastric band. So, you will experience all the benefits of it without any operation and its risks.

This book deals with:

  • Gastric Band Hypnosis and its Benefits
  • Steps and Length of the Treatment
  • Emotional Detoxification
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis
  • Meditation for Weight Loss
  • Positive Affirmations

…And much more!

✓ Deep Sleep Meditation and Hypnosis for Weight Loss:

Sleep is essential for the consolidation of memory. Sleep decreases with age, and this reduction can lead to many neurological diseases. One way of increasing and maintaining healthy sleep is Hypnosis.

Hypnosis and meditation can be beneficial to lose weight and to improve the quality of sleep.

This book deals with:

  • The Importance of Sleeping
  • Insomnia and its Treatment
  • Benefits of Hypnosis
  • Causes of Overweight
  • Weight Loss Meditation
  • Meditation for Insomnia

…And much more!

If you want to change your life, you need to focus on thoughts and strengthen your mind. Meditation, hypnosis, dreams, subconscious, and the right tools give power to the brain.

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Funny Psyd Psychology Doctorate Psyd Defined Nutritional Facts Silver Travel Mug 14 Oz

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☕ This Funny Psyd Psychology Doctorate Psyd Defined Nutritional Facts Silver Travel Mug 14 Oz with a gag quote on it makes the perfect gift to celebrate your special occasion Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas … with a laugh. Buy it for yourself and friends as a gift to both of you will laugh every time read it.
🎁 This Funny Psyd Psychology Doctorate Psyd Defined Nutritional Facts Silver Travel Mug 14 Oz is great for people who have a twisted sense of humor.
☕Funny silver travel mugs stainless steel with a gag quote on it makes the perfect gift to celebrate your special occasion Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas … with a laugh. Buy it for yourself and friends as a gift to both of you will laugh every time read it.
🎁The recipients of this funny travel mugs will get a great laugh and enjoy seeing this great design every time they pour themselves a cup of coffee or tea.
☕This high-quality silver travel mugs stainless steel silver construction 14 oz has friction lid, swivel spout, and a comfort handle. Perfect for all hot & cold beverages.
➡️➡️ Print on both sides – Hand wash is recommended – ⚠️Do not microwave⚠️

Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis: A Stress-Free Therapy Helping You Get Back in Shape. Use Hypnosis to Go Deeper Into the Weight Loss Psychology

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If you’ve always wanted to lose weight, but you haven’t achieved your goal, then keep reading…

Weight loss is not just a physical operation. This also includes your subconscious and the power of your mind-set in doing the right thing over what you think you want. It’s a matter of your mind working for you, not against you.

You’ll regain control through self-hypnosis. You will grow more resilience to your fears and insecurities, while at the same time developing a better body relationship. We ‘re all about self-love, and learning how to take better care of yourself and feeding your mind and body will help you progress toward your fitness goals.

It is the easiest way to lose weight – simple, all-natural, and produces lasting results. It’ll change your life for the better and make you the image you’ve always wanted of yourself. For different reasons, many people around the world aren’t happy with their weight. However, the idea you have to start is taking the first step toward a healthier body weight for not being satisfied with your weight.

In this guidebook, you’ll discover all the secrets of weight-loss hypnosis to maintain the right body weight on your journey. Yet, there is plenty to be concerned about. Your perfect weight depends not on the multiple influencers, but on your body. The goal of this guidebook is simple: showing you how to apply hypnosis to lose weight and having an amazing look in the most natural way.

In this guidebook, you will learn:

  • What is hypnosis?
  • Benefits of hypnosis
  • Types of hypnosis (and how they work)
  • The power of the mind with hypnosis
  • Develop the power of the mind
  • Conscious mind and subconscious mind 
  • Hypnosis and weight loss
  • Weight loss hypnosis: does it really work?
  • Understanding gastric band hypnosis
  • Meditation for weight loss 
  • Benefits of meditation for weight loss
  • What does meditation have to do with weight loss?
  • And much more…

Most people don’t have an ideal weight, but different people have different weights. Should you think you have issues with your weight after you measure yourself? Would you know like you’ve actually gained extra weight because of the poor eating habits you’ve formed from your childhood? Would you think it’s time for a change and will that change happen right now?

If that is how you feel, then you can relax because there is good news. By attempting hypnosis for rapid weight loss, you will reach your ideal weight in no time!

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Best Blanket / to My Wife Premium /Customized Blanket, Gift for Valentine Best Gift for Love (50″x60″)

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It’s hard to find best gift for your loved ones. But with these fully customizable comfy fleece blankets, you won’t have to struggle anymore. Customize the entire front panel and wrap yourself in personalized plush luxury. Delicate, soft and colorful, it’s the perfect blanket for picnics in the park, outdoor events, and cozy winter snuggles.

Custom printed with your choice of Name
Available in 2 different sizes: medium (50″x 60″); large (60″x 80″)
100% buttery soft and cozy polyester fleece also machine washable, gentle cycle, mild detergent
Due to the nature of the product, minor inconsistencies are expected due to plush fleece fabric
It is a brand that continues to grow in popularity, made in USA, the 100% weave polyester blanket has rounded corners and folded edges

ENERGY IN MOTION: How to Unleash Your Mind and Take Action Now

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Change can be a daunting and painful experience, especially when it is not self-initiated. Achieving an understanding of what to do when negative emotions arise can help you to harness their power and create the reality that you truly want.

Join Alejandra Díaz Mercado on a life-changing journey of awakening, exploring and expanding the wonders of your own consciousness and the Universe that surrounds you. Dare to explore some of the darker aspects of your psyche such as the unconscious mind, the tricks your own ego plays on you and the purpose of negative emotions.

As you read Energy in Motion: How to Unleash Your Mind and Take Action Now, you will rediscover your known reality in a new, humorous and exciting way.

Reading Body Language & Persuasion Techniques: The Ultimate Guide to Analyze People, How to Influence Human Behavior with Subliminal Manipulation, Covert NLP, Dark Psychology Secrets & Mind Control

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(as of Jan 22,2021 15:36:11 UTC – Details)

Do you want to learn the art of mental manipulation, how to read people, persuade and influence human behavior through body language, dark psychology tricks, and mind control techniques? If yes, then keep reading…

Persuasion is a theme of dark psychology that can be said to share quite a bit of similarity to manipulation. This is because they are both deployed in order to influence the motivations, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs of a particular victim. There are a number of reasons why we adopt persuasion into our everyday lives, but the main one would have to be to get people with different ideas on the same page.

In one’s company, for instance, the persuasion method will be used to alter the attitude of a person toward an item, concept, or a particular event that is taking place. Either written or spoken phrases will be used during the process to express the other person’s thinking, emotions, or data. 

This audiobook covers the following topics:

  • What is persuasion?
  • Human behavior
  • What we can get from the power of persuasion
  • Advanced persuasion techniques
  • How to resist persuasion
  • Mind control and dark psychology
  • Speed reading people
  • Influencing people
  • Hypnosis
  • Types of persuasion
  • Self-persuasion
  • Techniques to influence human behavior
  • Honing your persuasion skills
  • Methods of persuasion
  • What is dark persuasion and how is it different from regular persuasion?
  • And much more!

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Get more included with membership:

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1 credit a month

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The Plus Catalog

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Easy Exchanges

Powerful Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women: Hypnosis, Guided Meditations, and Affirmations for Women Who Want to Burn Fat. Increase Your Self Confidence … Motivation, and Heal Your Soul & Body!

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Who doesn’t wish they had more control over some aspects of their life? Whether it’s a want to quit a harmful addiction, increase self-confidence, self-control, focus, lose weight, get out of debt, or improve our general dispositions, we all have a desire to become better. The good news is, you do have control over your future, and hypnosis can help you get the future you want.

Powerful Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women is something that you need to have in your life. It’ll allow you to change your dieting and eating habits, and by the end of it, you’ll also be able to have a better time when it comes to your control of food. Remember, this isn’t just for your benefit when it comes to the number that is seen on the scale, but it will also benefit you in the manner of being able to change your outlook on life. You don’t need to think that the only thing to do is to stick with the diet you’re on. Couple it with hypnosis for weight loss, and you’ll have an even better time. It’ll make all the more difference in your life as well.

You’ll learn about:

  • How you can use hypnosis to program your mind over your body
  • How to develop self-hypnosis as a means of learning about yourself
  • How to improve your eating habits with hypnosis
  • How to control urges and cravings while helping your body recognize when it is time to stop eating
  • How you can use the mental gastric band in your efforts to reduce the amount of food you eat
  • How you can control your cravings and urges by reprogramming your mind to the state you wish
  • How you can deal with emotional overeating by digging deep into your psyche
  • And so much more!

So, what are you waiting for?

Buy this book now to get started!

Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Powerful Guided Meditation to Achieve a Natural and Rapid Weight Loss Effortlessly. Increase Women Motivation to Stay Fit for Life and Stop Emotional Eating

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This book helps you to communicate with your subconsciousness to develop a healthy body weight. 

With this program, you will talk kindly with your subconscious, and it will agreeably let you drive. In this way, you will align conscious and subconscious towards a common goal: Make you lose weight (and maintain your adequate weight) with constancy, balance, and serenity.

The program consists of five processes of self-hypnosis, plus a mental training technique: 

  • Self-hypnosis for the sense of satiety. It guides you to acquire your full fulfillment and your perfect sense of wellbeing and satiety and to bring this sense of contentment and satiety into your day.
  • Self-hypnosis for healthy eating. It guides you to prefer fit and healthy foods in your diet and to be happy and satisfied with them.
  • Self-hypnosis to motivate you to lose weight. It guides you to acquire the best and most powerful motivation for your weight loss and maintain your fitness, lightness, health, and wellbeing.
  • Self-hypnosis to overcome compulsive hunger. It helps you to release compulsive stresses towards meals, to achieve full control over food, and to bring this control into your day.
  • Self-hypnosis to lose weight quickly. It guides you to have a healthier relationship with nutritious food.

The five self-hypnosis touches on different alternate aspects that relate to weight loss. All, together with daily mental training, make up a progressive and comprehensive program to “lose weight with the mind”. Now it’s time to start! Click “Buy Now” and get your copy! 

Get more included with membership:Get more included with membership:

1 credit a month1 credit a month

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How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you, and longer if I can. – 0235 – Home Decor – Wall Decor – Love – Stars – Relationship

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A great wall decal for your living room or bedroom!

This decal has several color options and sizes. All wall decals are made after you order your product. They are cut on vinyl made for interior walls only. Mostly installed on clean smooth walls but can also be installed on textured or tile walls as well. Be sure if applying to a textured wall to heat up the the decal with a heat gun or hair dryer after the installation and push in any pieces that seem to pull up. This will make the decal mold to the texture of your wall.

There is a 30 day return policy from the day you receive the decal. The image in the listing may not be the size you select. Be sure to measure your wall and select the appropriate size.