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Hello To all I know that I have been away for a while. I am now back and I hope to grow the fan base and web site much larger. I have been through some hard times in health and a lot of other ways. I lost a lot of equipment to keep above water. I am now in the process of rebuilding the home studio. I really want to thank the staff at Bandzoogle for the great job that they have done and most of all the people that have stayed with me during the years. I AM BACK new tunes will start coming out in a short while and if I can help someone I will. I can help with websites, such as HTML coding and the placement of plugins of code This is a word press site hosted at A2 Hosting. I am Michael Clark a 72-year-old Saxophonist. I have played the saxophone in and out of bands most of the time. From the time I was a young child, I have always wanted to play and sound like a Professional.

All of the audio files on this site were done in the home recording studio. It is my hope that you enjoy them. While in High School I Played in a 1950 style rock group as well as many other groups. I have been in and out of bands most of the time. Now it is 2020 and I live in Tallahassee Fla. I still play the saxophone it is like a first love that you never forget. The songs that are on the site range from 1950 to the present time. I grew up in the ’50s, so my style runs with deep roots in the style and Jazz that was the 50’s. I moved around from city to city and place to place but The one thing that has stayed with me is the SAX. I played 6 nights a week and played in a Road group for a while somethings you can just not give up, It becomes part of you and what you are. the old songs have been what has kept me going. I still play even today. I am still Playing and Recording Music in the studio. It is what I haft to do it keeps me YOUNG even at the age of 72.


Thank You to One and ALL

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This is a disk of Favorite songs that I have enjoyed through the Years both on and off stage. I hope that you also enjoy this disk. On this disk, I have some Country, Blues, Church Praise, and a Tune or so that is in the Public Domain. This disk is a group of Songs That span from the ’50s to today. I enjoyed putting this disk together. It is my hope that you also enjoy them. Music is the one thing that can make someone smile on a dark day and times of trouble. It can bring joy to a troubled soul
Please check out this  Collection THANKS

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